Population Health: Getting it Right 

Integrating complex subpopulations into population health management is essential to achieving the Triple Aim (improved quality of care, lower costs, better outcomes). It’s imperative to the survival and growth of health care systems to get it right the first time. That means all stakeholders working together to redesign systems of care and ensuring that behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disability, and social services are properly included in the reengineering process. 

Start with the PBSNA

AHP's PBSNA is a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder analysis of your community’s population-specific needs, assets, and capacities. AHP’s team assesses the unique social determinants and other issues that affect the health of subpopulations that are especially complex and vulnerable. The PBSNA 

  • takes an inclusive approach to multiple perspectives,
  • integrates mixed research methods to ensure comprehensive results,
  • reveals a community's specific unmet needs, and
  • provides a foundation for successful implementation.

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AHP works with behavioral health, primary health, and managed care organizations, bringing a mix of our experts across the subject areas most relevant to developing the best population health management plan for your organization.

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