Ensuring a Culture of Belonging

AHP is committed to ensuring all employee voices are heard, valued, and taken into consideration when setting company policy and initiatives. We believe in transparent decision-making that helps maintain a culture of belonging, honesty, and safety.

AHP prioritizes bringing all voices to the table and building a workforce that is representative of the people we serve, including those with behavioral health challenges and other lived experience.

Our work centers on ensuring our nation’s most vulnerable populations reach their full potential, and this goal is no different for our employees of all races, cultures, ages, sexual orientations, genders, religions, and disabilities. All belong at AHP!

DEI Initiatives

  • Leadership. The Director of DEI oversees all DEI initiatives at the company and consults with all departments, including human resources, around hiring and company policies.
  • DEI Committee. A rotating committee of 11 staff members meets monthly, writes regular articles for the internal company newsletter, and helps educate staff about DEI issues.
  • DEI Strategic Plan. The DEI Committee developed a strategic plan that will guide AHP’s related initiatives over the next 2 years.
  • DEI Training and Education. DEI Committee members lead company-wide educational webinars about DEI topics (e.g., gender and sexual orientation, microaggressions). Managers and departments also receive smaller-group trainings around DEI topics to both educate and offer space for development of informed allies.
  • DEI Book Club. Staff meet monthly to discuss a book about a DEI topic, consider ideas and issues brought up in the book, and share lived experience.
  • Resource Library. The DEI Committee continually updates an internal library of DEI-related book, movie, video, and article recommendations.
  • DEI Survey. Each year, staff is surveyed anonymously to determine how well AHP is achieving an organizational culture of belonging. Results are shared with all staff and AHP is accountable for making any needed changes.
  • Affinity Groups. These groups are being created to ensure all staff have a safe space to meet and talk with people who share their experiences, values, challenges, etc.

DEI Goals

Goal 1. Culture

Ensure leaders at all levels promote the vision and business case for DEI by taking action to increase diversity and equity in the workforce and maintain an inclusive workplace.

Goal 2. Career

Recruit, hire, and develop a high-performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve by optimizing experiences throughout an employee’s career.

Goal 3. Communication

Develop compelling messages, including opportunities for dialogue, that encourage all employees to see the importance of DEI to their personal success and the success of AHP.

Goal 4. Consistency

Mature the DEI model to improve the consistency of desired outcomes by strengthening policies and procedures, using technology, and enhancing training.

Goal 5. Community

Encourage DEI in AHP business activities and with clients and partners in nonprofits, cities, and states.

Mayra Bennett, M.S.W

Senior Program Associate

Beth Coyle, M.Ed.

Production Wing Manager

Ashlye Durrell, M.S.W.

Senior Program Associate I

Jasmine Inim, M.P.H.

Research Assistant II

Cedric Love, M.S.

Research Assistant

Camile Madrio, B.S., PHR

Human Resource Generalist

Candice Russell, B.S.

Senior Program Associate I

Hibiki Sakai, M.A., M.P.P.

Senior Research Associate

Noah Shifman, M.B.A.

Chief Innovation Officer

Patricia (Pat) Tucker, M.B.A., M.A.

Director of DEI and Senior Program Manager

David Wetherbee, M.B.A.

Chief Information Officer