AHP offers professional consulting services—also known as AHP Healthcare Solutions—to health, behavioral health, and social services businesses that need to stay competitive in the changing health care market, while staying true to their missions of helping people reach their full potential. 

Often business development fails to take into account the specific characteristic of high-risk and vulnerable populations—racing to develop solutions to meet the needs of providers and managed care organizations rather than those of the people they are entrusted to serve. We know your clients and your business. In fact, many of our staff members have served as clinicians or direct care workers and in management and leadership roles in behavioral health, human services, and managed care settings around the country.

We offer services in:

  • Health and behavioral health care integration
  • Design of population-linked service systems (PLSS)
  • New product, service, and business development
  • Provider network development

Our consultants are national experts in health care reform, population health, and integrative care. Our focus blends the triple aims of health care reform (quality, outcomes and cost containment) with what we know works—evidence-based best practices formulated over decades for special populations. We can assist your organization on your path to designing population-linked service systems; developing new products, services, and sources of revenue; integrating health and behavioral health services; and navigating the intricacies of provider network development.

AHP has more than 35 years of expertise in conducting research and evaluation to answer critical questions in health and human services that drive policy, practice, and program improvements and development. Experts from our Center for Research and Evaluation are on the leading edge of research in the areas of mental health policy and services, substance use disorder treatment and prevention, co-occurring disorders, workforce development, homelessness and housing, employment, trauma, domestic violence, and criminal justice.

Our team will work collaboratively with you in all stages of the research process, from initial definition of research questions through to implementation and final reporting. Using a range of designs featuring qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods in single site and multisite studies, we can expertly gather and analyze your data and transform it into powerful, actionable guidance for your organization. We will help you leverage our research results for investment and funding opportunities, fulfillment of reporting requirements, improvement of policy and practice, and ultimately, better service for your clients.
Let us help you with:

  • Research study design and implementation
  • Environmental scans and literature review
  • Needs assessment and strategic planning
  • Program process and outcome evaluations
  • Data collection and field operations
  • Research study participant tracking and retention strategies that result in high follow-up rates with hard-to-reach populations
  • Database development and data management
  • Quantitative development and data analyses
  • Secondary analyses of state and national datasets
  • Performance measurements / CQI
  • Evaluation technical assistance
  • Reporting

AHP's business is based on designing and carrying out technical assistance and training to federal, state, and community-level public and private agencies in their efforts to implement practices that lead to systems change. We conduct this work throughout the nation, steadily honing our ability to identify challenges, appreciate context and culture, and craft tailored solutions that work.

Work with us to customize the support you need to implement evidence-based practices and solutions and produce the outcomes and results you seek through:

  • Curricula development
  • Convening of expert panels
  • Diagnostic site visits
  • Evidence-based practice fidelity assessment
  • Onsite and virtual consultations
  • Policy development
  • Program development
  • Regional and site-specific training
  • Train-the-trainer education
  • Training program development
  • Webinars and online courses
  • Workshops

Our nationally recognized experts bring experience to your project from high level policy knowledge to hands-on, in-the-field practical applications. We have provided technical support to every state and territory in the United States, working with government entities, national associations, academic institutions, health departments, community health centers, FBOs, CBOs, treatment programs, and individual health care providers. 

AHP has a longstanding reputation in the field for creating compelling communications that support sharing, dissemination, and education. We produce publications across a range of formats; organize and execute onsite conferences and events; and package and deliver information through websites, webinars, online conferences, elearning courses, and other virtual solutions. Our writers bring extraordinary depth from the health and human services fields, and our trainers bring real world experience to applying knowledge to your organization and needs.

If you are looking for innovation in communication options, work with us to deliver your content in the most effective format for your purpose and audience.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®), is a prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to get well, stay well, and make their life the way they want it to be. WRAP was developed by a group of individuals with mental health challenges and has been used since then by people around the world to support their goals and transform their lives in many areas. 

For 20 years, WRAP has been helping people live the lives they want. In 2016, Human Potential Press (HPP), the publishing arm of AHP, took over the publication, management, and distribution of all WRAP and Recovery Books materials. AHP and WRAP are committed to help people everywhere reach their full potential. 

HPP offers a full line of recovery-focused books and materials to support users with key issues and challenges, including:  

  • mental health,
  • addictions,
  • trauma,
  • neurodiversity,
  • physical health conditions,
  • major life transitions,
  • re-entry for justice-involved individuals, and
  • veteran/military service transitions. 

WRAP guides participants through the process of identifying and understanding their personal wellness resources and then helps them develop an individualized plan to use these resources daily. As an evidence-based practice, WRAP is a manualized group intervention for symptom and illness management for people with behavioral health disorders. This same process has been used by people in a wide range of situations to transform their lives and reach their goals. 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, AHP responded by creating a new WRAP publication in English and Spanish to help people improve emotional wellness during the pandemic. The publication is Wellness Guide for Isolation During COVID-19: Being Connected, Staying Connected, and Choosing Connection. This wellness guide addresses feelings of fear, anxiety, and isolation and is available indefinitely as a free digital download.

Work with Our Experts

Our multidisciplinary experts are nationally recognized leaders in systems change, and will work side by side with you and your organization to help you make a difference in your clients’ lives.

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