AHP and WRAP Support First National Mental Health Action Day with Partner MTV Entertainment Group

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP) and Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP) are both partners with MTV Entertainment Group for the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on Thursday, May 20. At a time when mental health issues are on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other national stressors, AHP and WRAP are joining with more than 1,000 other leading brands, nonprofits, government agencies and cultural leaders to raise awareness of the importance of mental well-being and reduce stigma around mental health issues.
AHP Director of Innovation Noah Shifman notes, “We don’t have to be well all the time. Wellness is not an end destination. It’s the journey itself. That is why AHP and WRAP support the first National Mental Health Action Day.” 
To promote well-being on May 20, and every day, AHP and WRAP are offering a free digital download of the “Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19,” available at ahpnet.com or wrapandrecoverybooks.com. 
The guide can be shared with friends, groups, and family members and can spark important discussions within families. The content helps people discover ways to create positive changes for themselves through self-exploration around maintaining emotional wellness, building connections with others and whole health. 
“Opening up the conversation about mental health, the resources available to help ourselves and others, sharing lived experiences and empathizing and understanding those experiences, are essential to promoting true wellness,” said Shifman. 
The “Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19” was developed in collaboration with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. As with all other WRAP materials, this guide is compatible with other health and wellness strategies, supports and treatment programs, including 12-step programs. 
All WRAP books and resources focus on self-directed wellness and are published by AHP’s publishing arm, Human Potential Press.
AHP and WRAP encourage people to proactively take mental health action this month—whether it is for themselves, for a loved one, or for systemic changes. 
More on Mental Health Action Day and a current list of partners can be found at MentalHealthActionDay.org.

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