AHP Receives RSAT Contract from Bureau of Justice Assistance

For the 12th consecutive year, the U.S. Department of Justice has renewed Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.’s (AHP) funding to provide training and technical assistance for all state prisons and local jails that received federal grants through the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program (RSAT), administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The award of $1,020,000 runs through September 30, 2022.

AHP has been instrumental in development of the first national standards for prison and jail substance use disorder treatment programs, promoting adherence to contemporary standards of care, including the provision of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those being treated for opioid and alcohol use disorders.

AHP has also instituted an innovative series of host-site training programs that allow correctional teams to visit model prison and jail programs across the county, including the Massachusetts Department of Correction’s MAT program and the Middlesex Jail and House of Correction’s Medication Assisted Treatment and Directed Opioid Recovery (MATADOR), its Youth Offender Unit and its Housing Unit for Military Veterans.

Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts stated, "On behalf of the Commonwealth, I congratulate AHP on this great achievement and look forward to seeing the advancements that come from their work on behalf of the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program.” 

To supplement these trainings, AHP has partnered with Factory Sealed, LLC, to produce a series of virtual prison and jail site visit and training videos featuring programs in the Barnstable and Essex County Correctional Facilities and in Massachusetts Department of Correction prisons.

Although only 14 percent of jails across the country offer MAT, with the assistance of AHP, the majority of jail RSAT programs now offer MAT. With this additional funding, AHP will be able to continue its commitment to ensuring all prison and jail RSAT programs provide effective, science-based care for persons being treated for substance and alcohol use disorders.

“AHP is delighted the Justice Department continues to recognize the work we have done to ensure quality substance use disorder treatment is provided to this highest risk, most vulnerable population that cycles through the nation’s jails and prisons every year,” said Neal Shifman, AHP President and CEO.

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