AHP Supports California DHCS to Expand Peer-Run Programs

AHP is pleased to announce a new project with the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to support a statewide effort for expanding the behavioral health peer-run workforce to improve access to and productive participation in behavioral health services throughout the state.

DHCS has contracted with AHP to implement the Behavioral Health Workforce Development Project (BHWD), which has the overarching goals of expanding, elevating, enhancing, and empowering behavioral health peer-run programs in every California community. Through the Peer Workforce Investment (PWI) Request for Applications (RFA), AHP will award grants to:

  • Expand peer-run behavioral health program staffing and capacity to assist people;
  • Elevate the profile of behavioral health peer-run programs with other entities in their communities and statewide through outreach and collaboration;
  • Enhance the quality of peer-run programming statewide through education, training, and improved monitoring and supervision; and
  • Empower peer-run programs to realize their full potential, including through strategic planning, and management support.
Behavioral health peer-run organizations are invited to apply, with or without support from other organizations and stakeholders.

For more information and to apply, access the RFA here.

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