Major Revision of “WRAP for Addictions” Book Released, Designed to Help People Gain Control Over All Forms of Addictions

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.’s (AHP), Human Potential Press today announced publication of the revised “Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP) for Addictions: Finding Freedom from Unwanted Patterns.” “WRAP for Addictions” is an adaptation of the flagship “WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan.” It’s designed specifically for adults and older teens who want to gain control over powerful urges and unwanted, compulsive behavior patterns involving drug or alcohol use, gambling, sex, eating disorders, self-injury, gaming, pornography, lying, and more. It’s an evidence-based wellness tool for those who are managing addictions.

This new edition is the first major revision to “WRAP for Addictions” since the 2012 update of the original book. It is a personalized approach to addressing addictions in a way that allows each person to decide for themselves what wellness and recovery look like. The revised version of “WRAP for Addictions” includes:

  • Expanded focus to include all types of addictions, not just drugs or alcohol
  • Real-life stories of addiction and recovery from people of all ages and walks of life dealing with a variety of behavior patterns, including substance use, gaming, gambling, and more
  • New content on options for reducing infection risk and overdose risk related to substance use
  • Enhanced layout and design
“WRAP for Addictions” is a foundational book for any WRAP program. It can be used on its own or with a WRAP group focused on general wellness or addictions. Like all other WRAP materials, WRAP for Addictions is compatible with other health and wellness strategies, supports, and treatment programs, including 12-step programs.

This book is designed to support wellness for those who are actively dealing with or in recovery from addiction. It was written with guidance from individuals who have experienced all types of addiction and used WRAP to help support the recovery process, stay well, and rebuild their lives.

Kristen King, WRAP Project Manager at AHP, stated, “Those who have struggled with addiction or unwanted patterns or are currently in that struggle are not alone. Family members and friends who don’t understand may not know how to respond or provide support. They may be dealing with their own addiction or other challenges that put a wedge in relationships, which can be discouraging. But WRAP has helped many find hope and empowerment.”

WRAP for Addictions” is now available for preorder and will begin shipping in early February. For more information, go to

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