AHP Launches Revised WRAP Book for Veterans and People in Active Service

Human Potential Press (HPP), the publishing arm of Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., (AHP) today announced the launch of an update to the 2007 book Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans and People in the Military. The brand-new publication, Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition, is now available for preorder and will begin shipping August 17, 2018.

As WRAP’s customer base of individuals, facilitators, trainers, and organizations continues to grow, so has a need for evolving materials. WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition has new information and tools specifically for the needs of active duty military members, Veterans, and reservists. Supported by the key concepts, values, and framework of WRAP, this book addresses major issues experienced by today’s Veterans and service members, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), substance use, trauma, homelessness, and suicide.

WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition applies recognized principles and practices to challenges and situations unique to members of the armed forces,” comments Mary Jaffe, WRAP Business Manager. “Veterans and service members using WRAP have reported experiencing better overall physical and mental health, reduced use of substances, better pain management, improved sleep, and lower levels of stress, among other benefits.”

WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition presents a proven process to help individuals improve the quality of their lives by incorporating wellness strategies into daily life both during and after military service. This book now features important framing information about how Veterans and people on active duty in the military can use WRAP; real-life stories from Veterans and active military personnel, including women Veterans and people of color; information on transitioning to civilian life after military service; and a dedicated section that directs Veterans to additional resources.

A new foreword from U.S. Army Veteran and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Robert M. Leavy, Former Spc. ARMY 13B, provides readers with an introduction to WRAP from someone who has shared many of the same challenges. “Using WRAP doesn’t mean I have all my issues fixed—it just means that I acknowledge them, and I am taking action by facing them with a plan,” says Leavy. “Putting a spotlight on your problems, bringing them into the light, and facing them head-on is the only way to have power over them. WRAP has taught me how to live the healthiest life I possibly can by giving me the tools to face those issues instead of letting them run my life.”

WRAP is used around the world as a powerful process anyone can use to get well, stay well, and make their life the way they want it to be. Originally developed in 1997 by a group of people who were working to overcome their own mental health challenges, WRAP is now used extensively by people in all kinds of circumstances and by healthcare and mental health systems all over the world to address a variety of physical, mental health, and life issues.

AHP acquired the full line of WRAP and Recovery Books products in July 2016, including 30+ books, manuals, curricula, and other educational products on wellness and recovery, along with websites, a mobile app, and elearning curricula.

Updates to many products in the WRAP catalog of books, recordings, and other products will be rolled out through 2018 and beyond. WRAP recently unveiled the first substantive update in 20 years to its flagship Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP) or “Red Book.” WRAP has also undergone a branding revival, resulting in a fresh new identity for this product line. The WRAP community will also see this new identity throughout WRAP communications, including the email newsletter, website, online bookstore, and social media presence.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition is available for immediate preorder at www.wrapandrecoverybooks.com. The new books will ship by August 17, 2018.


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