AHP Acquires WRAP and Recovery Books

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP) announced the acquisition of WRAP and Recovery Books, as of July 1. The purchase includes 30+ books, manuals, curricula, and other educational products on wellness and recovery, along with the website, mobile app, and eLearning curricula. AHP will work closely with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and Mary Ellen Copeland to insure that anyone who would benefit from WRAP has access to it in whatever way works best for them.  
Neal Shifman, AHP President and CEO, said, “We are very excited about this acquisition because AHP and WRAP align in purpose and vision. AHP’s mission focuses on improving systems of care and business operations to help people reach their full potential while WRAP is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that helps people achieve and maintain healthy lives. Both organizations are committed to making change—whether at individual or organizational level—that empowers people to improve their health and wellness.”
AHP Chief Information Officer David Wetherbee, who will lead the transition of operations, added, “While there will be some operational changes during this period, customers can expect uninterrupted service in their product purchase experience and in the flow of WRAP-related news and information.“
For WRAP’s extensive customer base of individuals, teachers, trainers, and organizations, Mary Ellen Copeland has this message, “To some, Mary Ellen Copeland and WRAP are synonymous, but I have never seen it that way. WRAP never belonged to me—it belonged to the courageous people who helped  to develop the process and the many who have since taken it and made it their own. I have merely been its shepherd, guiding and shaping WRAP but never changing its very essence. I know that AHP will preserve WRAP’s legacy and the central role it has played in elevating mental health recovery to the national and international stage!”
AHP will continue the work of Ms. Copeland and WRAP, making existing materials available, while planning for product and content expansion. Mr. Shifman said, “At AHP, we couldn’t imagine a more positive vehicle for our commitment to personal recovery, nor a more powerful set of tools for creating a ripple effect of health on larger groups, organizations, and institutions. We look forward to engaging with the WRAP community and doing our best to continue Mary Ellen’s legacy of creativity, innovation, and passion for personal wellness and health.”
If you have questions about the shift in ownership of WRAP and Recovery Books and any related topics, please check the frequently asked questions page or contact us.

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