Sara Zimmer, M.Sc.

Senior Researcher
Sara Zimmer, M.Sc., is a senior researcher in the Innovation Department at Advocates for Human
Potential (AHP). She currently works on research projects with a substance use focus for state
governments and assists with the development of reports by facilitating survey creation, analyzing quantitative survey data and producing data visualizations. Additionally, she has served as first author for several written materials and publications.
Ms. Zimmer holds a M.Sc. in experimental psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience from
Villanova University. Here she completed her master’s thesis research project exploring the
effects of cannabis use on episodic memory function. She is passionate about investigating the
effects of cannabis use and the implications of cannabis policy on public health outcomes. She demonstrates expertise with research methodology and experimental design across a
variety of disciplines. At Villanova University, she led several research projects including a
neuroimaging project assessing cognitive function utilizing fNIRS, or Functional Near Infrared
Spectroscopy. Ms. Zimmer has also worked as a biometric project manager for the BSHARP
Research Program which assessed the neurocognitive and psychosocial effects of a music based
intervention in those with dementia and cognitive impairment. In this role, she collaborated
within a multi-disciplinary research team and gained specialty in the field of aging and cognition.

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