Reshma Ryan, J.D., M.B.A.

Deputy Director of Administrative Services
Reshma Ryan, J.D., M.B.A., is deputy director of Administrative Services at Advocates for Human Potential (AHP). Along with the director, Ms. Ryan is building out the administrative function of AHP’s work and helping to lead and provide support for those projects. Having led many large and complex projects, she is experienced in identifying functions, tasks, and deliverables that can be process-mapped to drive efficiency, ensure consistency, and reduce risk. 
Ms. Ryan began her professional career at a start-up consulting firm where she managed the major aspects of claims processing, system development, data analysis, reporting, client management, and compliance for one of the three settlement programs arising from the Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel litigation. Her responsibilities ranged from ensuring legal compliance to reporting on the financial health of the settlement to ensure the pool of claimants were made whole. 
Most recently, Ms. Ryan served as a lead manager at Baker McKenzie, one of the world's largest global law firms. There she led all aspects of the firm's largest and most complex pharmaceutical spin-off. She developed major processes to ensure that contracts in 62 countries were negotiated and executed resulting in the formation of a global leader in consumer health--Kenvue. 
Ms. Ryan is a barred attorney in the state of Florida. She has a B.S. in mathematics with a minor in business administration and an M.B.A and J.D. from Stetson University. 

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