Suzanne Polkowske, M.A.

IT Project Manager

Suzanne Polkowske, M.A., IT project manager at AHP, has more than 25 years of experience in information technology development, operations, and government systems acquisition. Ms. Polkowske manages IT elements for client contracts, including software development lifecycle (SDLC) plans like IT plans, Security Risk Assessments, and Information System Security Plans (ISSPs). She also works with contracting companies to design, develop, implement, and manage customized management and tracking systems, commercial-off-the-shelf software, and new websites.

In her previous role at Caliber Associates, Ms. Polkowske managed the development and deployment of the corporate business development knowledge base. The proposal knowledge base (PKB) system provided a document repository and associated software application to support the company-wide ability to access, review, categorize, search, select, upload, and download completed proposal content. She also managed the planning phase of the Caliber corporate portal. The portal was designed to improve the flow of knowledge across the company by eliminating corporate silos and making knowledge assets available across the company. Prior to AHP, Ms. Polkowske also served as a senior business process engineer at UUNET Technologies Inc., where she defined, standardized, and modeled the IT project lifecycle process. She conducted interviews with IT management and staff to define and map the software development “as-is” process and worked with IT management staff to re-engineer and standardize the “to-be” software development lifecycle process. Ms. Polkowske developed the IT division and program management office (PMO) department mission, vision, and goals. She created interdepartmental policies and standards to align the IT and PMO structure with the corporate vision. She created guidelines to establish best practices for business analysts, project managers, business process engineers, and training and technical documentation. She developed and implemented internal and external metrics programs for the PMO. As a senior business requirements analyst at UUNET, Ms. Polkowske identified, documented, and managed software requirements for revenue transaction tagging through seven major financial systems. Ms. Polkowske conducted global surveys on major billing systems to determine new system requirements.